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College of Health and Human Sciences records
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Box 1

Graphs with statistics and reports from the Association of Administrators of Home Economics (AAHE) from 1980-1988. Administrative Council minutes, correspondence, and budget proposals from 1999-2004.

Box 10

New Zealand exchange program and partnership with Paraguay, 1973-1990. Ruth Hoeflin memos, conferences, newsletters, and correspondence from 1973-1989. Self-study report from 1863-1981.

Box 11

Audiology program proposal and correspondence about program needs in 1991-1992. Child development lab photos and plans from 1958-1987. College of Arts and Sciences program reviews from 1992. Correspondence between administration and Communication Sciences and Disorders faculty about reorganization in 1992-1993.

Box 12

Communication Sciences and Disorder program defense of existence in protest to reorganization attempts 1988-1998. Reorganization attempts of Communication Sciences Disorders (CSD) program before 1992 and the effects of eliminating the program. The CSD merger of 1994 and planning materials. Domestic Science club history and minutes in 1861-1961. Early childhood laboratory history and correspondence 1972-1982.

Box 13

Domestic Science club history and minutes up until 1961. Early childhood laboratory history and correspondence 1972-1982. The Galichia institute correspondence, proposal, and plans from 1991-1997. Hearings for the discontinuance of the Communication Sciences and Disorders program in 1993. History of home management houses from 1919-1986. Homemaker service project grant application from 1965-1966.

Box 15

Leone Kell papers and projects. Correspondence and proposal for the Marriage and Family Therapy program merger in 1995. Marriage and Family Therapy accreditation report and response. Communication Sciences and Disorders program materials for the discontinuation hearings. Correspondence about Communication Sciences and Disorders merger.

Box 16

Photos from the Nursery school. Proposals and correspondence for a new structure that includes the Social Work and Communication Sciences and Disorders program. Richard Morse correspondence from 1982-1985 and booklets 1975-1978. Speech and Hearing Center needs and the construction and expansion plans for Stonehouse in 1993-2000.

Box 17

Correspondence about improvements and restructuring of positions. Articles written by Richard Morse in 1985-1987. Center for Aging Deans Board minutes annual reports. Summary of activities from 1996-1998 to be submitted to the Board of Deans.

Box 17

Stonehouse construction plans and photos 1999-2000. Studies in student personnel 1977-1982. Proposal for Visual works project in 2001 to update technology in Applied Human Science buildings.

Box 19

International Congress notes from the Nutrition extension project in India. Proposals, correspondence, and plans regarding the Ph.D program and restructuring of the department 1995-1999. Correspondence between Dean Ruth Hoeflin and a former employee in the department. Minutes and proposal from the KSU Sensory Analysis Center Advisory Board Meetings from 1978-1990. Correspondence about a trademark for the Sensory Analysis Center in 1989.

Box 2

Administrative council minutes from 2003-2004. Books from educational workshop for administrators from 1960-1967. Correspondence from Dean Barbara Stowe from the years 1993-1997.

Box 21

Correspondence from the Department Head of Hotel and Restaurant Management and professors to other faculty, guest speakers, and potential students. Event and food preparation photos from 1968.

Box 22

FIDER accreditation report and recommendations from 1991-1999. Graduate program review of "Clothing Textiles and Interior Design" in the spring of 1997 and fall of 1998.

Box 25

Annual report to the Board of Regents that highlights enrollment, graduate school, research, extension and service work, campus development, expenditures, notable deaths and faculty salary classification. Budget requests sent to the Board of Regents from 1985-1995. Minutes and correspondence of Council of Academic Officers and Board of Regents. Petitions for department name changes 1999-2005. Booklets that include degree and certificate program inventory are included from 1996-2000. Mission statements for the Kansas Regents system and future development.

Box 3

Dean Barbara Stowe's correspondence from 1989-1998. Christmas Newsletters written by Deans from 1943-1959. Biennial reports and budget requests made by Deans from 1934-1947.

Box 30

Booklet from commencement in 1946. Employment of graduates and statistics of degrees earned. Graduate employment by department and graduation plan materials.

Box 31

Opinions on the graduation planning process. Ceremony for the first male who earned a degree from "Home Economics" but was denied a degree during his time at K-State. Typical employment for graduates from the college.

Box 32

Photos of exhibits and newspaper clippings about the event. Correspondence about planning and budget decisions. handbook for future steering committee members.

Box 35

Minutes from Administrative Council and Faculty Council meetings. Minutes regarding course and curriculum changes are included, as well as information from the American Home Economics Association meetings.

Box 38

Agricultural Experiment Station budgets, correspondence, and reports. American Home Economics Association community extension education program scripts. Kansas conference on families correspondence and booklets. Research projects and Cooperative State Research Service (CSRS) reviews.

Box 39

CSRS reviews and extension services. Correspondence about the merger of extension services. Correspondence and scripts for the extension programs such as Rapid Response Center and Family Forums.

Box 40

Grants for research from 1974-1980 and group and Individual teaching materials. Task force reports and correspondence about the extension merger and the history of extension services in Kansas.

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