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Box 44

Photos of faculty while working and faculty salary statistics. Correspondence and photos of the Golden Jubilee celebration in 1925. Highlights in history from 1855-1955.

Box 10

New Zealand exchange program and partnership with Paraguay, 1973-1990. Ruth Hoeflin memos, conferences, newsletters, and correspondence from 1973-1989. Self-study report from 1863-1981.

Box 40

Grants for research from 1974-1980 and group and Individual teaching materials. Task force reports and correspondence about the extension merger and the history of extension services in Kansas.

Box 45

Highlights and history of the college from 1873-1973. Proposal and proposal draft for a Ph.D program in "Home Economics." Minutes, notes, and programs from the Iowa conference on International procedures and Lake Placid conference. International agreements and minutes from the committee on International proceedings. Photos from the past Journalism, Radio, & TV program in 1954-1977. Proposal for Masters program in Public Health. Announcement and media statement for the name change in 1985 from Home Economics to Human Ecology.

Box 1

"Summary of Unpublished Notes in the Department of Entomology" Roger C. Smith

Box 47

Role and Aspiration drafts and reports. Student Faculty Seminar proceedings, student life photos, and student organization correspondences' and newsletters. List of textbooks written by faculty and twenty-year plan reports. Presentation and booklet for the 125th celebration of Health and Human Sciences (1873-1998).

Box 9

Notes and news clippings saved by Jean Sego. Land-Grant colleges workshops for administrators and research in 1909-1967. Dean Margaret Justin photos, history, funds, and plans. Dean Virginia Moxley planning, programs, and news. Name change from Home Economics to Human Ecology in 1985.

Box 41

News releases and Newsletters about research and extension services. Correspondence, reports, and plans for partnership with Paraguay University. Research reviews, projects, and history. Correspondence, programs, and notes from the White House Conference on Families.

Box 13

Domestic Science club history and minutes up until 1961. Early childhood laboratory history and correspondence 1972-1982. The Galichia institute correspondence, proposal, and plans from 1991-1997. Hearings for the discontinuance of the Communication Sciences and Disorders program in 1993. History of home management houses from 1919-1986. Homemaker service project grant application from 1965-1966.

Box 30

Booklet from commencement in 1946. Employment of graduates and statistics of degrees earned. Graduate employment by department and graduation plan materials.

Kansas Iota Chapter of Phi Kappa Theta records

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  • 1921 - 1996

The Kansas Iota chapter of Phi Kappa Theta was founded in 1921 and continues to be a presence at the university. These records contain meeting minutes from 1921 to 1996, attendance records, operating statements, and general fraternity history and activity. This collection also contains petitions from other university chapters asking to be inducted into the national fraternity. Box 1 contains meeting minutes from 1921-199. Box 2 contains the general records for the organization.

Kansas Iota Chapter of Phi Kappa Theta

Box 11

Annual Reports of "Entomology Project" by extension specialists E.G. Kelly and Dell E. Gates.

Box 3

Correspondence and research files of Roger C. Smith, E.G. Kelly and others they worked with. Significant material regarding grasshoppers. Course files of Leroy Brooks 1958-1959, 1973-1979.

Box 2

Correspondence and research files of Roger C. Smith, E.G. Kelly, and those they worked with. Significant material regarding grasshoppers.

Box 5

Dean's administrative council minutes and correspondence from 2000-2005. Dean Doretta Hoffman's personal notes, news articles, and correspondence about trips to western KS and India from 1954-1976. Goals committee task force minutes, correspondence, and questionnaire from 1977-1988. Historical booklets and college history from 1933-1988. Dean Ruth Hoeflin forum and task force minutes.

Box 4

Correspondence and files of E.G. Kelly, and Leroy Brooks. Emphasis on pest management.

Box 19

International Congress notes from the Nutrition extension project in India. Proposals, correspondence, and plans regarding the Ph.D program and restructuring of the department 1995-1999. Correspondence between Dean Ruth Hoeflin and a former employee in the department. Minutes and proposal from the KSU Sensory Analysis Center Advisory Board Meetings from 1978-1990. Correspondence about a trademark for the Sensory Analysis Center in 1989.

Box 17

Stonehouse construction plans and photos 1999-2000. Studies in student personnel 1977-1982. Proposal for Visual works project in 2001 to update technology in Applied Human Science buildings.

Box 46

Newspaper clippings from events and achievements in the college. Journals from the New Zealand exchange program. Planning for Parents Day and proposals for Ph.D programs. Correspondence and news about reorganization in 1990-1993.

Box 3

Dean Barbara Stowe's correspondence from 1989-1998. Christmas Newsletters written by Deans from 1943-1959. Biennial reports and budget requests made by Deans from 1934-1947.

Box 43

College wide budget proposal presentation to Provost James Coffman, Vice President Thomas Rawson, and Budget Director John Struve. Correspondence, reports, news clippings, photos, and planning for the Centennial Celebration (1873-1973). Media release and announcment of the name change from Home Economics to Human Ecology in 1985. News clippings from events and achievements within the college.

Box 1

This box is made up of four series: 1) Subject Series; 2) Printed Material; 3) Don & Kay Kluck Series; and 4) Photograph Series.

Tucker, Joseph M.

Box 6

Dean Doretta Hoffman report of guidelines for international programs 1976-1983. Ms. Jane Barnes scrapbooks of "Highlights of History" from her time as assistant to the Dean, 1944-1954.

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