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Global Campus records

  • Collection
  • 1951 - 2007

The Global Campus Records, formally known as Division of Continuing Education, consists of material from 1951 to 2007. The material found in this collection partly pertains to the credit courses offered through Global Campus from 1975 to 2002. It contains files from courses offered during the semester and intersession (winter, spring, summer) periods. Some of the colleges that are highlighted in the Global Campus Records include the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Education, and College of Engineering; the bulk of these files are related to the College of Arts & Sciences. These files are typically composed of resources and manuals for distance and online courses, enrollment statistics, course information packets, photographs, videotapes, credit course promotional material, course evaluations, course financing, reports and reviews related to credit courses, and correspondence related to credit courses.

Some of the material found in this collection pertains to Conference and Non- Credit Programs (CNCP) and opportunities provided across campus. Files possess materials related to conference and program agendas, enrollment and attendee lists, budget and financial information, speaker presentations, brochures and pamphlets, correspondence related to conferences and programs, and promotional materials. Along with CNCP there are also conference files incorporated into this collection. There are also brochures and marketing material for the conferences, final budgets, attendance reports, and notes from the conferences that occurred from 1989-2007.

The bulk of the material in this collection is contained in the Dean’s Office and Administrative series. These contain files taken from the office of the Dean of Global Campus or related offices. These also contain files from organizations such as Western Kansas Community Services Consortium (WKCSC), National University Degree Consortium (NUDC) along with files from the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) and National University Continuing Education Association (NUCEA).

The Administrative series specifically contains some files from the office of David Stewart, on non-traditional studies. Along with those files it contains things from the Kansas Board of Regents, reading files, meeting minutes and notes, and final budgeting reports.

The Dean’s office series contains files from the offices of Elizabeth Unger and Robert Kruh, both previous Deans of Global Campus. There are also some files pertaining to Army education through Fort Riley. Lastly, files and correspondence on academic outreach and how to go about campus improvements.

Salina archival records

  • Collection

The K-State Salina Archival Records contain subject files, committee records, Deans’ records, campus agreements and title, student organization, and special event records that range from the 1960s to 2023. Additionally, the records contain photographic records that document the history of the K-State Salina campus including Kansas Technical Institute, and the Shilling Institute. The records are organized by series. There are also a number of items that are non-paper records, such as, tee-shirts, flags, and banners.

Kansans for Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) papers

  • US US kmk U1990.26
  • Collection
  • 1974-1985

This collection cointains information about the Kansans for ERA organziation, their organizational issues, and organizational documents.

Kansans for ERA

Steel Ring Honor Society

  • Collection

The Steel Ring and Honor Society is an honor society that is compromised of Seniors within the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering who present leadership, academic achievement, service and engagement. The Steel Ring Honor Society has been at Kansas State since 1927. Members of the society are in charge of planning and running the Engineering open house every spring. This collection contains four boxes all consisting of different materials for the Open house. Along with materials for the Engineering open house there are photos from meetings of the Steel Ring Society and artifacts that were used in prior initiation of the society.

Barry Flinchbaugh papers

  • US US kmk U2014.10
  • Collection

This collection documents the academic career of Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh, professor emeritus of agricultural economics, noted speaker, and former assistant to Kansas State University president.
This collection has been arranged in the following series: correspondence, reports, professional activities, speeches, press releases, schedules, course materials, people to people, subject files, personal files, publications, and audiovisual materials. With correspondence compromising the majority of the material. A bulk of the communication is from his time as special assistant to President Duane Acker. With the second-largest amount concerning his work on farm bills, legislation, and lobbying. The remainder of the correspondence handles professional matters, arranging overseas trips, scheduling talks, and general correspondence with personal & professional contacts.
The collection also contains speeches, with and without visual aids, given by Flinchbaugh on a variety of subjects involving agricultural economics. The collection also includes materials such as Kansas agricultural extension history, professional accomplishments, extracurricular involvement including Alpha Kappa Lambda Social Fraternity & Kansas Agricultural and Rural leadership organization, course prep, and outlines, and numerous VHS and cassette tapes in which he is a featured speaker.
It also includes a number of diverse materials including schedules, artifacts (a boomerang and a protest sign), awards, book drafts, and photographs from his numerous international trips through the People to People group.

Barry L. Flinchbaugh

Box 62

Contains KSAC tapes (1968-78), cassettes (Landon lecture, Charels Collingwood Borlaus, Bob Bergland) (1977), The Alfred M. Landon Lecture Series on Public Issues, negatives, Public Affairs Anderson photos (1978), KSU legislative requests (1978), Flinchbaugh certificates, Fall Ag. Policy evaluations (2010-2013), and stamp.

Box 60

Contains Kansas legislature directory of B.L. Flinchbaugh (1979-1980), Date books (1971-1981), medals from the vocational FFA, Casset tapes(1980), Site plan for the Queensland agricultural college (visitors guide), Itinerary for Kansas agricultural leaders, Travel Documents for New Zealand Maori, Correspondence to Dr. Flinchbaugh, Ag. Energy work group, photos of Barry L. Flinchbaugh, old quizzes and assignments, and certificates of Flinchbaugh.

Box 57

Contains articles/presentations on food issues, ag. energy program/projects, farm management/marketing/publications, and slides/cassettes/floppies/USB drives.

Box 61

Contains cassettes, VHS tapes, emails to and from Barry L. Flinchbaugh, AGEC class materials, Agricultural food policy book, monthly planning guide, Landon lecture series, Barry L. Flinchbaugh medical chart, financing state and local government books, book of photos from school trip, Barry L. Flinchbaugh applications and contracts, Barry L. Flinchbaugh class materials, and "Agro Washingtons."

Box 46

Contains pamphlets regarding food availability and feed programs. Pictures, negatives, and memorabilia regarding the Japan mission of 1990. Lastly has awards and certificates to Barry and Catherine Flinchbaugh.

Box 65

Contains photos of Barry Flinchbaugh, employee benefits and job descriptions, agreements, briefings, correspondence people-to-people, names and addresses, leader's guide, certificates, emails, and passport.

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