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Bos 150

Reading files, correspondence, financial and budgeting files, miscellaneous conference files from FY 1988 - 1991

Box 182

Annual budget reports for the Division of Continuing Education and other academics. Correspondence pertaining to Industrial Engineering and Fort Leavenworth regarding non- traditional ways of studying.

Box 101

Office files consisting of personnel records, budget planning, agreements, advertising, etc. from 1976-1980

Box 103

Administrative files from FY 1982, reading files, and general office files from FY 1986

Box 104

David Stewart office files: FY 1997-2000, correspondence, Western Kansas Community Services Consortium files

Box 105

Spring Intersession posters and schedules, Council of Deans & Directors of Continuing Education Notebooks(1979-1982), Division Council Minutes, Board of Regents

Box 106

Office files related to marketing, planning, finances, and correspondence from 1997 - 2000

Box 107

Administrative files related to minutes, correspondences, and general files from 1964 - 1974

Box 109

Office files and correspondence related to various programs and organizations (University for Man, non-division university programs, etc.) from 1998

Box 110

Files related to statewide continuing education network, telent records, etc. from 1973 - 1977

Box 111

Files related to policy and procedures, faculty senate minutes, and educational information center from 1970-1980

Box 113

Conference information, meetings, adminstative files of programs and program planning from FY 1989

Box 115

Meeting and conference information, minutes, files pertaining to National University Continuing Education Association, files related to specific colleges from FY 83

Box 116

Files related to publications and National University Education Association files from 1983 - 1984

Box 118

Files from 1980 - 1982 related to National University Continuing Education Association, committees, councils, etc.

Box 119

Correspondence from 1989 - 1993, publications from 1985 - 1995, reports, policy and procedures from 1986 - 1989

Box 12

Intersession information from 1987-1992 and College of Arts and Sciences credit course files from 1983-1992

Box 120

Office files related to summer school, surveys, and proposals from 1987 - 1997

Box 121

General files related to programs and organizations, personnel files, after hour courses, etc., from 1987 - 1994

Box 122

Personnel files and conferences and consortium information from 1981 - 1985

Box 124

Files related to proposals, minutes, University for Man, and continuing education network from 1974 - 1975

Box 125

From David Stewarts office Documents related to non-traditional study programs (Western Kansas Community Services Consortium, various consortiums and professional studies programs) 1996 - 1999

Box 126

David Steward office files from 1997 - 1998: organization and committee files, meeting notes and minutes, National University Degree Consortium files

Box 127

Reading files, Board of Regents information, reports and reviews, childcare information from 1978 - 1990

Box 128

Correspondence and administrative files related to courses and programs from 1998 - 2001

Box 129

Mainly consists of correspondence for various programs from 1975 - 1979 and also includes annual financial reports

Box 13

College of Human Ecology Credit Course Files from Spring 1997 to Fall 1998

Box 130

Program planning, commitee planning, and grant information from 1989 -1994

Box 132

Files from FY 1997 and files pertaining to university life and the operation of campus programs and offices

Box 134

Correspondence to and from Kansas State University to other Kansas schools, Council of Deans & Directors of Continuing Education, Board of Regents, meeting minutes from FY 1991 and 1993

Box 135

Correspondence, reading files, program planning, policy and procedure from FY 1990

Box 136

Reading Files from FY 1988, Council of Academic Deans and Council of Deans & Directors of Continuing Education from FY 88

Box 137

Distance learning information, committee infromation, FY 1988 , FY 2000, planning inforamtion

Box 141

Dean's office files from FY 1991 Planning material, budgeting information. policy and procedure, information pertaining courses, NUCEA

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